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Fading Fotografie

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Nickelodeon: Catch a brand new Korra adventure that you can’t see online or anywhere else.

Nickelodeon: ...

Nickelodeon: ...

Nickelodeon: ...

Nickelodeon: Catch a brand new Korra adventure that you can’t see on TV or anywhere else.

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'kattobingu' is basically yu gi oh for 'yolo'



Ball-jointed Dragons by Cuarto~

I need 20


The universe Nickelodeon hates Chibi Korra. 

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I really hope I don’t have to buy the episodes to watch and support the show…..

I hope they just add an official stream. If I’m going to buy episodes, I want a dvd and not a digital copy…

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beING SUPER SUPER IN LOVE WITH YOUR FRIENDS BUT IN A FRIEND WAY but also a little bit in a gay way but also in a frIEND WAY

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I’ll swim and sail on savage seas

with ne’er a fear of drowning

And gladly ride the waves of life

if you will marry me

I’ve had a sketch of this sitting in my folder for a while now, and galtenoble’s gorgeous art inspired me to finish it! I’m so in love with these two ahh//

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fma meme » seven quotes {2/7}

↳ “Take my leg, take my arm, take my heart, anything, YOU CAN HAVE IT! Just give him back! HE’S MY LITTLE BROTHER, HE’S ALL I HAVE LEFT!”

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fbf chuck from the stream

so violent


So much for their saying "You can’t see online or anywhere else!"



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Long ago, the four Korra books lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when nickELODEON FUCKING SCREWED UP EVERYTHING.

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I’m really happy nothings happening to Korra, and it’s just changing to airing online

but I’m so sad because I love watching live episodes on tv and chatting to my friends as we both watch it….

My Korra hype is still strong, but it feels a bit less strong when I know I can’t go downstairs to turn on my tv and watch it…. That’s part of the fun for me…

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